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The Five Armies
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May 2006
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Raederle [userpic]
Drabble: Drinks at The Five Armies

Title: Drinks at The Five Armies
Author: Raederle
Word count: 100
Character: Éomer
Rating: G
Work: LOTR, very loosely
Disclaimer: don't own 'em, not for profit
Notes: for the "roaring fire" challenge at tolkien_weekly, this is set in the the_five_armies.

"Just go. Stay in your cloak, and you will see."

The King doubted that his brother-in-law would frequent this dingy, decrepit tavern, but he trusted him, so he found a seat close to the fire.

The fire was hypnotic; he blinked and the place was different. Two young lords entered, bragging of their day's deeds, toasting each other.

The King could not take his gaze from one, a Rider of the Rohirrim, laughing with his friend. Éomer never introduced himself to them, but when he left hours later, he was smiling. He understood why Faramir came to this place.


Eadig knows how to have a good time.

More beer!

Yes, he does. *smirks*